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What is TrueBrow?

TrueBrow is a highly specialized design system and training program focused solely on the natural brow. TrueBrow brows are soft, feminine, fluid, and completely unique unto you. Simply put: my goal is to offer you the most beautiful brow you can possibly have through superior design and vision, naturally. I understand the brow’s importance to your overall beauty and I’m dedicated to helping you reach your full brow potential. No stencils, serums, stains or extensions, just beautiful natural brows.


Preparing for your brow design

Where possible, please do not wax, tweeze or trim any brow hairs for at least 4-6 weeks prior to coming in for your first brow design. Please discontinue the use of any skincare that contains retinols or RetinA for at least 2-3 days before your appointment.


What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent curling process that will last approximately 8 weeks. It is a great, low maintenance lash enhancement option that will allow you to ditch your lash curler and promote better lash health. At Caroline Rose, lash tinting is included in all lash lifts, unless not desired.


What is Keratin Lash Infusion®️ Lift (KLI)?

Keratin Lash Infusion is a treatment for your lashes that will lift as well as enhance your lash line with thicker and longer individual natural lashes. It is the only lash lift that actually infuses keratin into each individual lash with its patented process. It will not cause any damage to natural lashes and in fact, it is my remedy to help clients with damage from lash services elsewhere.  Your keratin lash infusion lasts approximately 6-8 weeks and tinting is included in the service.


What is a Traditional Lash Lift?

A traditional lash lift is the name I use to refer to the more standard lash lift you will find at most salons that offer the service. Most lash lifts currently offered all debond the lashes using “perm salts.” Although safe for the lashes, it will be more stressful on them. If your lashes are fine or sparse, I suggest you book my Keratin Lash Infusion lift.


Preparing for your lash lift

– Please come to your appointment with clean eyes, free of makeup.
– If you use a lash serum (Latisse or other), discontinue use for a day or 2 before and after your appt.
– You will not be able to shower or workout for the next 24-48hrs after your lift, so please do these things before your appointment if you need to.


Caring for your lash lift

For the first 24-48 hours after your lift, do not get your lashes wet or expose them to steam, sweat, or extreme heat (like a sauna, for ex.)
At 48hrs, you should wash your eyes with an non-oily gentle cleanser
Brush with mascara wand provided
Avoid waterproof mascaras to promote the life of your lift.